Breaking news
  1. Adult training back as soon as Covid guidelines allow!
  2. Youth Training starts this Wednesday and Saturday!
  3. Welcome to the brand new home of basketball in Moray!
  4. Welcome to the home of the Moray Mavericks!


The committee is formed to ensure the effective running of all aspects of the club, monitoring and evaluating the progress and decisions of the club in relation to our overall objectives and vision statement. The committee meets regularly in person or over zoom and positions are voted on annually at the AGM by all club members.


To be a nationally recognised hub for basketball,

coaching, participation, facilities, training and development.


1. The advancement of public participation in sport and in particular the sport of basketball.

2. The advancement of individuals or community development and cooperation. Working in partnership with other like minded organisations to encourage community development and develop opportunities within the Club.

3. Using the Club as a vehicle for the advancement of health and wellbeing of all our stakeholders.