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  1. Adult training back as soon as Covid guidelines allow!
  2. Youth Training starts this Wednesday and Saturday!
  3. Welcome to the brand new home of basketball in Moray!
  4. Welcome to the home of the Moray Mavericks!


Moray Mavericks is a community non profit basketball club, we try to keep the sessions affordable for everyone, whilst keeping the club sustainable and allow room for growth towards our vision of being a hub for basketball, coaching, participation, facilities, training and development in Scotland – any profit goes directly back into the club, players and that vision.

While having a realistic and sensible approach to keeping the viable and fair for its general members, we are also very aware that not everybody’s circumstances are same, and in fact even individual peoples circumstances change quickly. With this in mind one of our key philosophy’s is Affordable Basketball for all, and a community ethos is Supporting Others, both of which you can read about in the other tabs.

The underlining philosophy is that we want everyone to have access to the benefits of basketball and being a part of the Mavericks community, so if you want to join us but have any financial or logistical barriers to doing so, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Everyone’s first session when they come down to try out Mavericks is free – this is to allow everyone the chance to come and experience what we have to offer with complete piece of mind. After you’ve attended that session and realised you want to join the team here are the standard prices:

P3 – P7 and the Girls only sessions are all priced at £4 per session.

S1 – S6 are all priced at £5 per session.

Adult sessions are priced at £5 per session.

Usually all youth players are asked to book and pay online for term blocks in advance, via the booking forms, which you can access by clicking the appropriate box above. However due to the uncertainty of Covid changing guidelines, we have adjusted this so players book and pay for a “Block of 10”, which is for the next ten sessions we can offer as a club. What this means is that if the government rules mean we cannot put on a session due to a change in guidelines, no one will miss out on that session, as the block of ten is just the next ten sessions we put on, it doesn’t involved dates.

Adult players are asked to pay via online transfer for blocks of sessions.

This is secure your place, making sure no spaces are going to waste. It also allows the maximum amount of quality basketball coaching and playing time in the actual sessions, and ensures all of your payments are easily maintained and accurately recorded.

We also have a small registration fee of £15 which allows us to register you with the Moray Mavericks, and Basketball Scotland – and will include a Moray Mavericks T-Shirt.

Being a member has lots of benefits including access to discounts, courses, workshops, insurance and opportunities for competitions entry and events.

At Moray Mavericks we want to ensure money is never a barrier to basketball, and give everyone who wants to, the opportunity to be apart of our community.

Free School Meals Discount – If you are currently entitled to free school meals (  then please pay our discounted rate of £3 per session for any session.

Scholarship Programme – As a club we also appreciate that in some circumstances even the discounted rate might not be something you can make a priority and as we said, we want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop through basketball. The Scholarship programme is a small number of fully funded places for players in these circumstances, who as a club and community we can support to be able to attend. Due to the limited number of places, as a part of this programme the player would be expected to show the highest level of commitment and standards of attitude and practice. They may also be asked to support the club and their own development through volunteering to support other sessions or parts of the club.

To apply for the scholarship programme for yourself or someone else, please contact us via the general contact form explaining why you would like a place on the programme and we will be in contact to discuss further.

With a strong community ethos at the club, there will be lots of ways in which club members can support each other and the club – that could be through sharing some of your own skills or resources that might benefit the club, club sponsorship, promoting the club, volunteering, being a committed player or supportive parent, or by financially supporting other players.

If you have read the above “Affordable Bassketball for All” section, you will see that we offer a scholarship programme to ensure basketball and its benefits can be accessed by everyone, no matter their situation. If you would like to financially support this programme specifically, please contact us and we can ensure your donation goes directly to allowing someone to access this opportunity.