Breaking news
  1. Adult training back as soon as Covid guidelines allow!
  2. Youth Training starts this Wednesday and Saturday!
  3. Welcome to the brand new home of basketball in Moray!
  4. Welcome to the home of the Moray Mavericks!

What are we doing as a club?

As a club we are very aware of the effect Covid 19 has had on not only our members but also the community. We want to ensure anyone who may have concerns that we are following all guidance from Basketball Scotland regarding covid and return to play, and as such have a number of things in place to support the safety of players and the community.

The club have 5 trained and certified Covid officers who are all aware and involving in implementing all necessary precautions to protect and support each other. This involves in depth risk assessments, adjusting of procedures and practices, maintaining records, and regular communication and assessments of practice.


What we need from you, and how you can help?

In order to manage the risk there are a few things we need from the players and parents/carers:

  • All players must complete the Covid google form before every session
  • Players need to arrive on time, not early, and leave promptly at the end of their session, as we cannot have players from different sessions coming into contact
  • Players or parents must contact us asap if symptoms develop
  • If you are able to bring your own ball that would be brilliant – but we will have lots of balls so do not feel you have to go out buy one